A Revival is Coming and You’re a Part of It

This is a guest post from our friend Makaela Suitt. We were so encouraged when she shared this story with us that we wanted to share it with you to!

Makaela sharing this story at one of our leaders meetings.

Makaela sharing this story at one of our leaders meetings.

I used to clean toilet bowls for a living. You may laugh, you may not. You might even be cleaning toilets now and if you are, thank you. It’s a gross job, I know, but I am grateful for those who do it. I learned a lot in the toilet bowl of life. Cleaning that kind of a mess is never pretty and well, the way my life had been going at the time wasn’t pretty either, yet God made me clean each and every day, never leaving behind a trace of my old sinful nature. Instead, he made me shine, replacing the old with the new. Replacing my flesh with himself.

I spent two years cleaning the facilities of our church. Cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors, picking up trash. Liquid leaking through bags, I would go home a mess every single day. You get the picture. However, as filthy as I would get and as humbled as I would be cleaning while my peers watched, I wouldn't trade one single minute of that time because those minutes became the hours of hearing God's word preached to me, sung to me, and spoken to me. I was changed during those years by Truth. 

I was humbled, I was broken, and I was restored. I had to learn how to repent of my sin and flee from its presence, how to seek and extend forgiveness, and I learned a whole lot about redemption and grace. I was given, in return, the peace of God and a true understanding of his power over the Devil. No, I wouldn't trade those days even if you offered to make me a billionaire. If I didn’t have those days, I wouldn’t be who I am today, and that’s free.
Countless people walked in and out of those buildings while I cleaned and I'm sure they thought I was crazy at times. I always had my headphones on and many days I would just cry or sing or pray out loud, but I didn't care who saw or heard. God was doing a work in my heart and I wasn't about to give it up.

It was during one of those days when I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me saying, "A revival is coming, and you're a part of it." It was so out of the ordinary that it stopped me dead in my tracks. I knew it wasn't my own voice and I hadn't heard it in the message I was listening to on the headphones, so I knew it had to be the Lord and I haven’t forgotten it. I think of and am reminded of it often by the Holy Spirit that He is coming. Not just to meet one person, though he would and does come for the one. This, however, is for the city of Lynchburg and surrounding areas.

Four years later, I continue to hear that same word. When Andy and Melissa sent me a message about City Sing, I knew I wanted to be a part of it right away because I know that God is already here, preparing the ground, getting it ready, speaking to those who have been seeking him and I am not about to miss out on what God will rain down on us.

I am reminded of the passage in Hebrew 11:6, "And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe [1.] that he exists and [2.] that he rewards those who seek him. (ESV)

Believing God is one of our greatest obstacles in life, whether a believer or an atheist, but believing God is important and the first step to establishing relationship with him. God is also a rewarder of our seeking and he is rewarding us with his coming in power to reveal himself in a new and fresh way. Ultimately, I believe that God has revival for this nation. How does this happen? At home in our own cities, in our own lives and I believe he wants revival here in Lynchburg, Va.

How exciting is that?! Revival among us! A town with a church on every corner and yet God has a fresh work he desires to do among us!