WEEK FIVE: October 14 - October 20

👍🏼Before This Week’s Meeting:

It’s our new topic this week - The Power of God.

We know we can go two ways with this subject. Either, “Yeah, I already know God’s powerful.” Or, “Whoa, that sounds scary!”

What our prayer is is that we will look into the pages of Scripture and see the beauty of God displayed in His power.

  1. The more time you spend alone with Scripture, the deeper your group will go together. Keep it simple by using ASC.

    Ask a question. Search the Bible. Conclude with a simple sentence.

  2. Who’s facilitating this week? If you don’t know text your group to decided. We suggest having the facilitator volunteer at the end of each time together.

  3. Considering sharing a few of your verses or where you personally feel led to start with this topic. It may help some of your friends along the way!

📖👭Calling all Facilitators!

During This Week’s Meeting:

  1. Setting an alarm will keep your group running on time! We suggest the facilitator take the role of keeping the conversation rolling and keeping time by setting an alarm.

  2. There are 3 parts to our time together.

    – X (Bible Study)

    – O (Community)

    – Prayer

  3. Is there one of those areas that your group is really good at? Is there another area where you struggle or run out of time? Problem solve with each other to come up with a solution!