WEEK THREE: September 30 - October 6

We are amazed at how God is moving in your groups as you gather around the Bible together! Friends, He is answering all our prayers. ❤️

What should “homework” look like during the week?

Some of you have been asking what you should be doing at home during the week to prep for your group.

Over the last 18 months as we have tested these independent groups, we have noticed that the more you think, ponder, and pray on your own, the deeper your group will go when you come together.

We suggest keeping it simple by using the ASC method at home and bringing that to your group to discuss. You can use this PDF as a guide at home and write down 3 things:

  1. ASK: The question that you have about the topic.

  2. SEARCH: The Scriptures that you have looked at during the week.

  3. CONCLUDE: The conclusion you came to after searching the Bible during the week. Feel no pressure to do more than one simple sentence.

During This Week’s Meeting:

It’s our last week on the topic The Power of God’s Word. Next week we will drop the typical group format (if your group decides to) and instead spend time intentionally connecting in a way that is life giving to your group.

  1. You can use this PDF to guide your night if you find it helpful.

  2. Discuss: What intentional connection sounds fun to your group for next week? This could look like going for coffee, a walk on a trail, lunch or dinner, anything that is a good fit for your group’s personality. Throw out some ideas and come up with a plan!