WEEK TWO: September 23 - 29

TOPIC: The Power of God’s Word

We have heard good things about those of you who met last week. Yay!

Our very first topic is The Power of God’s Word. As you listen to the above audio, we hope it gives a quick picture of how ASC sounds for Biblical Discovery.

Before you meet this week, spend some time pulling a few verses from the Bible for our topic, The Power of God’s Word. The more time we spend beforehand, the deeper we will go when we dig in together.

If you didn’t meet last week, you will still be starting on Week 2!

Before your Meeting This Week:

  1. Listen to the 8 minute audio above.

  2. Pull 2-4 verses that talk about the power of God’s Word.

  3. Do you know who is facilitating this week? If not, text your group to decide. 👍

During This Week’s Meeting:

  1. We strongly suggest watching Week One’s video together. This will be the absolute foundation of all we do together in the coming weeks. It will ensure everyone is on the same page. WATCH HERE.

  2. Follow the START HERE guide during this week’s meeting. This is just to help get the ball rolling. 😃You can print and fill this out before the group OR you can just pull it up on your phone and use it as a visual guide during the group.

What does The Facilitator Do?

The facilitator plays a role both before and during your meeting. We suggest a different facilitator for each week. In past groups the facilitator has:

  1. Texted the group during the week and “gone first” in sharing what they are learning that week.

  2. Texted the group to remind them of any details for that week’s meeting.

  3. During the meeting, the facilitator keeps an eye on time and takes a lead in moving the group from Xs to Os to prayer (in whatever order you see fit).

  4. At the end of each meeting we’ve found it helpful to decide on the following week’s facilitator so they can be ready to go in their role!