What will You Need?

You may be wondering if you will need any supplies for your group...and that's a great question!

The short answer is that nothing is a necessity besides the Bible. But we do have a few optional suggestions.

What to Bring to Your Small Group

  1. Bible: Whether it's digital or in print it makes no difference. Pick the translation that you feel most comfortable with. 
  2. Notebook + Pen: Totally optional but we would suggest a simple notebook that is just for these next 8 weeks. That way if you take notes (and we hope you do!) you will have them all in one spot. 
  3. Prayed up heart: This is not just the nice Christain thing to say. The more we pray for our group, the more we will see the fruit of those prayers, for both ourselves and our friends! ❤️



  1. Registration is still open! Text this link to your friends to get them signed up: womenspeakingtruth.com/groups

  2. Your group should know the day, time, and place you'll start meeting because groups start meeting NEXT WEEK. 👏

  3. Please RSVP, even if you are unavailable, for the Sept. 16th kick-off event. We are super excited to be with you guys!