Step 2: Invite Your Friends

The Ask

The ask is nerve-wracking.  What if they say no? Wait, what if they say yes?! How exactly will this whole thing go?

Listen, we feel your pain because we are thinking the exact same thing. 😃 Here are a few steps that we hope will help ease anyone who is feeling anxious.

Who Do I Invite?
Make a list. Who naturally comes to mind? Take a few minutes to jot their names down. Ask God to bring anyone else to mind that may be looking for community.

What Do I Tell Them?
Keep it simple. Don't worry about sharing much of the details, just your excitement. The link you will share with your friends will give them everything they need to know.

What Do I Give Them?
Extend the invitation. Give them this link:

Then What?
Follow up. You will want to check in on them to see if they are interested before registration closes!