What I've Learned About Small Groups

Hey friend, Andy here.

I’ve been apart of dozens (yes, dozens!) of small groups over the years. Some have gone really well and others…..well, not so much. Here’s what I learned:

When I’m unsure about a new group I tend to default to one or several of these responses:

  1. I become super spiritual. You know what I mean - putting my best foot forward and shoving everything else to the back of the closet.

  2. I retreat. I hold back. I isolate myself. I participate minimally.

  3. I look for flaws in others. Little-miss-judgey takes over. I observe and listen in such a way that puts me above the others in my group, as if I am better. Talk about a small group killer.

I know, I know. I can be a stinker.

Here’s what I see others doing (and am learning to do myself) that makes all the difference for a group’s first night:

  1. Be honest. Oh how I respect others when they are honest about how they feel. Honest comments such as, “I’m kind of nervous about this,” and “I’ll be honest, I stink in these environments” make such a difference. One person’s honesty is all it takes for the whole group to exhale, relate to one another, and get past the awkwardness.

  2. Be open! Take a chance. Be open-minded.

  3. Be real. The group’s best asset is the real you. So just be you. Repeat the following as many times as needed, “(insert your name here), be open. Be yourself. Be open. Be yourself.”

  4. Logistics: What To Bring To Your Small Group

    1. Bible: Whether it's digital or in print it makes no difference. Pick the translation that you feel most comfortable with.

    2. Notebook + Pen: We are testing notebooks this semester! If you haven’t gotten one by Week 1, please contact us.

    3. Prayed up heart: This is not just the nice Christian thing to say. The more we pray for our group, the more we will see the fruit of those prayers, for both ourselves and our friends! ❤️