A Simple Way to Journal

So, I (Andy) get bored. Not with normal things like reading something difficult, doing a long task, or waiting in a doctor’s office. I actually enjoy those.

I get super bored with ordinary things. Like what I eat (chicken for the 42nd night in a row), brushing my teeth (no, for real!), getting ready for the day (Oh for Pete’s sake, this is so boring). Anyone else get bored by the everyday things? 

That’s why I love it when an interesting and simple idea re-engages me, especially in the areas that matter, like my faith.

My friend Steph showed our Truth Group her prayer journal. I’m a girl that loves to write out my prayers. But after 6 years of doing this, my prayer journal can use a face-lift.

Check out how simple this is.

Two columns:

  1. One to write my prayer

  2. One to come back to when God answers that prayer

That’s it! Pretty cool, right?

I’ve only done it a few times but so far I’m digging the simplicity of this. Plus, I’m great at making my many requests to God but not so great at acknowledging His responses.

Try it!