Getting Creative

You will hear us say over and over, we are self-led groups that gather around the Bible.

What happens when we don’t have a leader to lead a group? Does it fall apart?

Based on 18 months of experience, we say with firm conviction…no! On the contrary. Women step up and take ownership. The groups quickly find their own rhythm and unique thumbprint. It is beautiful to watch.

One group gathers on a 45-minute break at work. They have a facilitator each week. The facilitator decided to bring salsa, chips, and coloring pages!

It’s amazing the conversation that can take place while coloring because the pressure is off. Some people talked about their struggles that week. Others opened the Bible to share what they were learning.

Your group needs your uniqueness that you have to bring. Some of us will be Jedis with the X (Bible Study) and others will be Experts when is comes to the O (Community).

We need both.

And your group needs YOU to make it complete. ❤️