If your experience with the Bible can be described as…

…Truth Groups may be for you.

Truth Groups are not a typical Bible study.
No teacher. No leader. No Curriculum.
Just the Bible + TG Journal + a few friends.

We believe the most learning happens when we completely own the process. This means Truth Groups are formed by YOU. 🙌

You invite any where from 1 to 8 friends to gather around Scripture for 9 weeks. This Fall we are studying the Names of God.


Truth Group Journal

The TG journal will give you step-by-step instructions for your first gathering. This will help set you up for the following weeks together! It also includes a full explanation of how to study the Bible using the ASC method which you will use in your weekly homework. 



The TG Journal walks you through how a typical TG gathering works, how to do the ASC process for Bible study, and gives you blank journal pages to record what you are learning.

Most Truth Groups are between 3 and 8 women. In our experience, women are more than ready to step into a new experience with the Bible. So take a leap of faith and start asking!

Your Truth Group is…well…YOURS. So you and your friends get to decide where, when, and how long you will meet during the 9 week study.